Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book review on Liquid Sloshing

SIAM review of september contains on page 616 a review of a book on liquid sloshing. The reviewer is not very happy with this book but gives some references which might be of interest to our specialists.

Page ranking

In SIAM Review of september one can find in the educational section a paper about page ranking such as done in Google. It is a relatively simple application of linear algebra heavily leaning on the Perron-Frobenius theorem.

Petascale computing

In the september edition of SIAM news one can find an article on Petascale computers. Scientists working on nuclear fusion like to have such a computer and expect it in a few years from now.

MATLAB student version

For 50 pounds one can buy a MATLAB and SIMULINK student version

History of Numerical Analysis

In the July/August edition of SIAM News it is announced that SIAM will start a web site on history of Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

Complex fluid mixing

In the june edition of SIAM News there is an interesting article about the mixing of two fluids with different density; comparison of numerical results with experiments.

50 Years ADI

The ADI method was one of the first methods to solve multi-dimensional problems on a computer with limited memory and speed. In 2006 it is 50 years ago that the method was discovered.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Change of name

The blog of the Computational Mechanics and Numerical Mathematics will continue here. The old blog is still reacheble